Top 10 Ways To Attract People Like A Magnet.

What is it that makes some people so passionate and admirable that they become like a magnet in attracting others?
It has little to do with good looks, being very rich, owning an expensive car, or wearing the latest fashion garments. It's not a bad thing to have all this luxury, but it's also true that all of this is not the only reason for attractions.

Being attractive has to do with how you think, react, interact and use your time effectively. Succeeding in life, love, business, relationship, fame and all personal activities requires a conscious "awareness" of work and the qualities and attributes that can make you a confident, responsible person and a attractive personality. Not only one particular trait make you attractive but it is a combination of traits that makes you attractive like a magnet and attracts people to you.

Think about each of the traits below and "take action" on one or two of them daily, don’t try to take action on all of those traits at one time. Small steps daily can lead to big changes over time. Because progress does not happen overnight, but by taking small pieces and dealing with them one by one. Take small steps today and your speed will increase next week, next month, next year. But for that, you have to take the first step. Because it is your first step that takes you to your last step, and that last step is "Your destination".

Check Out These 10 Traits To Become A New Person.

  • Table Of Content
  1. Maintain The Balance In Your Life.
  2. Do You Have A Good Sense Of Humor?
  3. Put A Beautiful Smile On Your Face.
  4. Treat People Nicely And Get Respect.
  5. Memorize People’s Names And Small Details About Them.
  6. A Small Lie Can Tarnish Your Personality.
  7. Be a Good Listener and let them talk.
  8. Maintain Your Discipline.
  9. Transfer Positive Thoughts Instead Of Negative.
  10. Don't Be A Miser But A Spender.

1. Maintain The Balance In Your Life.

Have you ever met someone who has a hot-headed, angry and bitter personality? Or Have you ever met someone with whom you feel comfortable to talk and with whom you don’t feel hesitant to share anything? If yes then, Which one would you like choose? Surely, the second one!
Do you want yourself to be like a that second person? If yes then, learn to remain in the middle of the road, neither too sweet nor bitter.
Your mood and how you cope with all the situations associated with yourself can determine your "cool" factor.

Stay strong, steady, and capable. Think before you act. How you react when a plane suddenly hits a fan or when you are being pulled in five different directions is important. And that is what which makes you attractive and different among the people.

2. Do You Have A Good Sense Of Humor?

Don’t make yourself depressed and serious. Yes, your intelligence shows your level of maturity, but that doesn’t mean you have to be serious all the time. Learn to be a charming and soft person. No one wants to be close to a rude and serious person instead people try to keep a distance from them.

Instead of being serious, you should be ready to make fun of yourself from time to time. But like all other aspects of life, humor should be used in moderation and at the right time to be effective. Because laughing too much can lead them astray and they will start to take it lightly to make fun of you all the time. You have to keep it balanced. If you want to have an attractive personality.

3. Put A Beautiful Smile On Your Face.

You meet a lot of people daily, your co-workers, colleagues, walkers, and so on. Most of the time you have a careless and normal look on your face. (This may be your daily routine) Have you ever tried to give a beautiful smile to everyone you meet?

People like to feel valued and important. And you can do it for them with just a simple thing and that’s your beautiful smile. Yes! Your smile can make someone’s day, people feels special when you give them a beautiful smile and it’s not a big deal for you anyway. You can do it without putting any effort.

Let’s try it!
Next time, when you go to your workplace, try to keep a real smile on your face no matter who the person is standing in front of you. Just go with a beautiful smile on your face and say some greetings. And then observe their reactions and the vibes you got from them.

What kind of answers did you get? And How did you feel after doing this? I would love to hear your experience about it.

4. Treat People Nicely And Get Respect!

Let me explain what I mean by that. Have you ever heard this saying? "What goes around comes around" and it happens in real life too because everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. This law applies in front of people and behind their backs too. Don’t get caught up in evil gossip. It’s very simple. If you want people to respect you, you have to talk to them respectfully first. Because it is human nature that where he finds love and respect he is attracted to it and whoever speaks to them with dignity they always keep them their priority.

5. Memorize People's Names And Small Details About Them!

This is a very important way to become attractive. Use both of these things in your conversations with others. People like to talk about their lives. They feel special when someone remembers their names and the little things about them, such as their interest and disinterest.

If you want to turn a strangers into your friends, start with remembering their names and asking questions about their lives and it will show that you are interested in their lives. And gradually they will be getting attracted to you because people like to hear their names.

No one wants to talk about other’s lives all the time but they are very interested in talking about their own lives, their experiences, their good, and bad phases. If they feel that you are interested in listening to them, they will find it easier to talk to you about their lives and this will make you more special and attractive to them.

6. A Small Lie Can Tarnish Your Personality.

It has become normal to use lies as a mistake hider. These lies seem small and harmless. And these will not hurt anyone but your personality and your image in the eyes of others.

Learn to avoid small lies. If you will ever be caught in it. You will lose trust and respect for yourself in the eyes of others. No one likes a person who has a habit of lying. Even the people avoid listening to them based on their lying habits.

Everyone appreciates direct honesty, even if it is not popular or what they want to hear, and may go against their steps and goals. But once they catch your fake appreciation and buttery words they will start to hate you. So prevent yourself from lying because these lies can tarnish your personality.

7. Be a Good Listener and let them talk.

What does it mean to be a good listener? Have you ever considered that we all have a habit of telling only our side but meanwhile somewhere we forget to listen to the other person’s side? If you want to attract people and persuade them to choose your friendship, you have to learn to be a good listener.

People like it when someone listens to them and shows interest in their conversation. And if someone shows distraction in their conversation, they choose to keep their distance with him. Because people consider it as an insult and think that their words have been ignored.

For being a good listener, remember to keep eye contact whenever you talk to someone, it shows your interest in their conversation. And avoid constantly thinking about your answers. First, listen to them with calmness and then think about the answer according to the situation. Let the other person talk most of the time. Be careful and be interested in what this person is saying.

8. Maintain Your Discipline.

No one likes to talk to an immoral person. Your manners show up in your discipline and your discipline reflects your family background. People are hungry for well-being and love to connect with well-mannered families. If they once recognized that, your behavior and your way of life is full of desire and discipline then they will automatically be attracted to you.

A person who lives an unplanned and unorganized life without having any goals will never affect a single person in his life. Instead, people will try to distance themselves from them. Your body language, your mindset, and your lifestyle all are part of your discipline. Everyone is attracted to people who are living meaningful lives and maintaining discipline in their lives.

9. Transfer Positive Thoughts Instead Of Negative.

If you want to be an energetic, positive, and confident person, don’t hang out with people who are narrow minded, negative, complainers, unhappy with life, and rude. If you have a habit of living with such people, one day they will bring you down or you will become one of them.

If you have a good awareness about it then you know that these people, who are use to do complain all the time at work and spend their lives by blaming others. Complaining, have become a habit of them and you just can’t change their unpleasant situation even if you want to. You just can’t do anything about it. If there is anything you can do about it, is to keep distance from such people.

Life is too short to be frustrated. Choose people in your life who are funny, have goals and objectives, and are interested in living life to the fullest. Living with such people will brighten your personality and have a positive effect on you. And people love to spend time with a person who reflects positivity instead of negativity.

10. Don't Be A Miser But A Spender.

Spend your time and money on valuable people. Being stingy means not only a person who spends less money but also a person who does not spend his time on people. People will treat you the same way you have treated them.

If you want people to have a good relationship with you, you need to learn how to do it correctly. Stingy people are mostly unhappy. But a generous person is always happy and he gets both love and respect from the people and people are automatically affected by them and are drawn towards them.

No matter how busy you are, you must take time to make the other person feel important.

_Mary Kay Ash

Every day try to make the best of what you can do and it is not impossible. Perhaps you'll stumble along the way. You will stumble! but it doesn't matter, the thing which matters the most is how you get up and keep your purpose on. This is a small effort that you can make daily that can motivate you. These habits will make you the kind of person you would think you were, the person you deserve, and the person you are affected by.

It is your attitude that determines your altitude in life. Good luck! For that tomorrow in which you will be as attractive as a magnet for all other people, start this endeavor today.

Thank You For Reading!!

I would love to hear your thoughts about it.



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